Delegation Leaders

Eve Vance, Founder


I am the Delegation Leader and Head Coach for the Gilbert Roadrunners. I have been involved with Special Olympics since 1997. My first involvement was with a Bocce Team in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I worked with both Traditional Special Olympics and Unified Sports programs. When I arrived in Gilbert, Arizona and found a way to get a program started here, there was no stopping me! I am driven to provide the best opportunities for our Team and our families.

Karen Gomez, Head of Delegation

 I grew up on a farm in North Dakota, preferred warm weather so I moved to Los Angeles. I was a Vet Tech there for about 20 years. I then met my husband and moved to Gilbert in 2005.

I have three children. My oldest son has Down Syndrome, which became the entrance into a new world. We started doing Special Olympics as soon as my son turned 8. We loved the Gilbert Roadrunners as they were unified and my other kids got to participate. It wasn't long before the Roadrunners became our family! We have now been a part of the Roadrunners for TEN years!

Chad Vance, Assistant Head of Delegation

 My family and I moved to Gilbert, Arizona about nine years ago. My wife had been involved with both Special Olympics and Athletes when we lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She started the Gilbert Roadrunners team shortly after our arrival in Arizona. 

 This team and the people involved in making it run have become family to me, my wife and my daughter. We are involved with this team daily and I know we are doing something special.  

Brandi Vidales, Social Committee Director

  I am a Coach and parent of an athlete to the Gilbert Roadrunners. My son became an athlete on this team back in 2008. After watching the love and passion that our head coach, Eve Vance, has provided for our team, I decided that I wanted to also become a coach. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! I get a great deal of joy out of watching these athletes compete. Unified Special Olympics has given our athletes a chance to compete and to be a part of an amazing team.