A person is considered to have intellectual disabilities for purposes of determining his or her eligibility to participate in Unified Sports™ if that person satisfies any one of the following requirements: 

  • The person has been identified by an agency or professional as having intellectual disabilities by their localities; or
  • The person has a cognitive delay as determined by standardized measures such as intelligence quotient or "IQ" testing or other measures which are generally accepted within the professional community as being a reliable measurement of the existence of a cognitive delay; or
  • The person has a closely related developmental disability; which means having functional limitations in both general learning (such as IQ) and in adaptive skills (such as recreation, work, independent living, self-direction, or self-care). However, a person whose functional limitations are based solely on a physical, behavioral or emotional disability, or a specific learning or sensory disability, are not eligible to participate in Unified Sports™ as athletes. They may, however, be eligible to volunteer for Unified Sports™.

If eligible, please proceed to our Forms section to fill out the required paperwork.



State of Arizona Special Olympics (SOAZ) Requirements

The State of Arizona Special Olympics (SOAZ) requires each team to host a certain number of practices for each individual sport. The number of weekly practices varies per sport. The number of practices ranges from 12 to 15 weeks. The Gilbert Roadrunners (GRR) tries to offer a additional practices each season to cover weather cancellations, sickness, vacation, etc. 

Every Athlete and Partner is required to attend a minimum of 10 practices during the course of the season in order to compete at Area and State Meets. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS REQUIREMENT. Each Athlete and Partner is required to sign in at each practice to prove they were present at the practice.


You must attend and be signed in to a certain number of practices (which will be communicated to you during the first practice) in order to attend State Games. Groups will be organized during week 3 in preparation for the Area Meet competition. Final paperwork is due to the State Office during pre-determined deadlines.

If you choose not to attend the Area or State competitions, PLEASE let us know as soon as possible.


SOAZ requires certain forms to be on file for each Athlete and Partner. THESE FORMS ARE MANDATORY BY THE STATE. Please click on the Forms button below for access to our Forms section.

Team Uniforms

GRR requires each Athlete and Partner to purchase a Team Uniform. The uniform is used for most sports. If purchasing the uniform poses a financial burden, please let Coach Eve know. 

We do not want anyone not to join the team due to the cost of the uniform. We have a volunteer program in place to assist families.